Learning and Career Connections offers home-based one-on-one academic tutoring and career coaching for students at any age in order to achieve their maximum potential. Learning and Career Connections is not your standard tutoring company. Dr. Lamb employs a holistic approach in assessing each client’s abilities, including learning difficulties and disabilities, and tailors a plan that not only improves academic performance, but also fosters personal development and successful transitions to post-secondary education and employment.

Many clients and families have been with Learning and Career Connections for years: a testament to Dr. Peg Lamb’s personal and effective investment in each student’s life.

If you or your student need academic support or career development, contact Dr. Lamb for a consultation.

The Mission of Learning and Career Connections is to increase the confidence of all students in their ability to be successful in their academic courses, to develop their organizational and planning abilities, to improve their self-advocacy skills, and to assist them in identifying a career plan that is suited to their strengths, abilities, and interests.

“Peg is one of my best friends. She has helped me grow not only as a student, but also as a person. I cherish all the 5 years spent with her and I’m lucky to have her to help me succeed.” ~Chloe, 11th grader

About Learning and Career Connections

Learning and Career Connections is a private educational practice opened in 2005. After an extensive and enjoyable career in education, Peg began searching for a way to mentor students individually. This home-based approach provides the opportunity to tutor a wide range of students with disabilities and learning difficulties as well as consulting on career development and transition planning. Peg loves teaching and coaching people of all ages. Her skills in assessing each individual and formulating a strategy leads to greater career and personal development in each of her clients. Outcomes include improved grades, increased confidence, improved performance and self-advocacy with teachers as well as a greater understanding of each individual’s unique learning process.